foreclosure Prevention center

Providing foreclosure prevention options, beyond just listing your home for sale, the National Prevention Center can be a last minute life buoy if your sheriff sale is around the corner. Missed one or more home payments? You should take at least ONE pro-active step explained in this State Specific Report. Watch the video to understand the urgency of your situation. 

It is the goal of the National Prevention Center to provide you access to ethical Foreclosure Prevention Affiliates and Specialists across the nation who are highly trained at solving your problem and offering you a variety of solutions to help you STOP your foreclosure NOW. 

The staff of Cameo Housing Solutions, LLC have obtained this training, and the ongoing professional development involved. The whole team here at C.H.S. is involved in on an ongoing educational effort to keep abreast of the ever-changing laws and regulations of the Distressed Property Industry.

It is our goal to mirror the NPC's commitment nationally, and to pass on to you, the home owner, the most effective solution for your situation.

You can get a live person 24-7 at 800-379-5462. 

Help with foreclosure prevention, yours. Whether you call, or fill out the form on the website, the primary information we will be needing in order to assist, beside the basics will be:

Your 1st loan amount and interest rate. The monthly payments and whether taxes and insurance are included in that. Then the same for the second loan if you have one, and how much you are in arrears for each.

If you can have your monthly statement, or statements available when you call, it will expedite the process.



There is NO CHARGE. Any consultation provided by a National Prevention Center affiliate is FREE of charge, and there is no obligation on your part. Each affiliate is committed to your absolute privacy and confidentiality.


Our number one commitment is to educate the public and provide resources and solutions to help you Prevent Foreclosure NOW. However, without your immediate participation a positive resolution to your foreclosure problem may not be possible.

Legal representation or advice is recommended in all legal matters. This site and brokerage represented is not affiliated with the government. If you use our services, your lender may not agree to accept a short sale or change the terms of your loan. We do not advise you stop paying your mortgage.


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