"bank wars"

News Release: “BANK WARS” The testimonial of a highly confrontational short sale, just completed in Owasso


Not long ago, in a City very near to this…


It is a period of Civil Court War. Rogue Realtors, striking from a hidden base, have won their biggest victory against the Evil Banking Empire.


During the battle, Realtor spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, The Stellar Remnant, Black Hole i.e. Foreclosure, a court-armored legal weapon with enough power to destroy an entire credit score for eons to come… while leaving Evil Minions to collect deficiency judgments on those now locked in their debtors dungeon.


Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, the Seller and Rogue Realtor race to a close, now custodians of the stolen plans that can save multitudes from the Empires debtor prison and restore freedom to the galaxy of distressed home ownership…


The following is a journaling testimony of the Battle Royal


To whom it may concern,


I would definitely recommend the Distressed Property Realtor services of Vincent Donaldson after at last achieving a short sale of my property, following every conceivable effort by Bank of America and Fannie Mae to push through a foreclosure instead.


Firstly with a loan re-modification that was turned down after an entire year of faithful payments; with questionable reasoning offered by the bank as to why the promised approval that was to have taken 3 months, was denied after an entire year of waiting for it. 


Then the stonewalling of all efforts to even initiate a short sale throughout the redemption period attained by my bankruptcy until that deadline was attained, a buyers offer had expired, and the request for the sheriff sale confirmation could again be made to the court. This, even though the short sale initiation was verbally promised to Mr. Donaldson numerous times by many different bank representatives.


Mr. Donaldson then involved our district congressman in a constituent request and assisted me with a direct appeal to the judge in the matter. Bank lawyers argued the time was past; they had been patient for 2 plus years and the sheriff sale needed to be confirmed.


They had been patient in their efforts to thwart every move I had made to avoid that foreclosure and the judge at last dropped the hammer in our favor, giving 90 more days to find a buyer and affect a sale.


The short sale was at last initiated by the bank, a buyer found inside of a week and all was rolling smoothly to a close within less than 60 days of that court appearance. That was until Fannie Mae suddenly initiated very deliberate, willful efforts to derail the short sale by delaying tactics similar to those used by their servicer, Bank of America a few months before.


They actually ordered their attorney’s to file, then execute a Writ of Eviction based on the sheriff sale confirmation, that had been vacated by the court at the request of those same attorneys due to my bankruptcy filing. I had already moved, but the Sheriff and the Eviction Realtor crew arrived, changed the locks, took down the sign and called Mr. Donaldson and myself to say there was no more short sale pending, the property was no longer mine and he could pick up his sign and lock box as the case was now closed.


Mr. Donaldson investigated the matter, found the specific documents involved and discovered the clearly flawed filings, then responded not only to the bank representatives, but again with an appeal to Congressman Bridenstines office, which in turn involved the Oklahoma State Attorney General. Within a day, the Realtor involved in the eviction was calling us back to apologize and say, he’d never seen or heard of it happening, but he had been ordered by Fannie Mae to return the house and keys to allow a short sale “they did not know about” to complete.


The flawed filing and eviction were made after a short sale was said by bank representatives to have been approved, and the letter involved in that process was being issued by the same Fannie Mae who told the eviction realtor they were not aware of one in process.  


That issue resolved, the process again resumed, but with continued stalling tactics involving paperwork.  All combined, these efforts caused the delay now into the final week of the 90 days allowed by the judge to complete this relief. 


This was their final effort to get the house through foreclosure as few owners ever make their hearings and simply loose by default to bank lawyers.


With the approval letter finally issued on Monday, and the court hearing set for Wednesday, Mr. Donaldson repeatedly requested the bank file the continuance to allow the now approved short sale to complete by weeks end. Their attorney’s finally received instructions the day before, to take the matter to court! Rather than filing the continuance, obviously hoping again to win a foreclosure by default, or direct court ruling. Had my car simply stalled and I missed the court appearance, the entire effort would have been lost. They were that dedicated to winning the house by foreclosure. 


Mr. Donaldson prepared all the filings and the emails involved into what looked like a legal brief and again involved Congressman Bridenstines office. They again obtained direct intervention from the State Attorney Generals office. By the time we arrived at court, the expected confrontation from the bank attorney was just a little crocodile smile and acknowledgement to the judge, “they are talking to the bank directly.”


I asked for 90 days, she gave us 60 to completely close out my case. We finally closed my short sale Monday the 23rd of December 2013. It saved my credit, avoided the deficiency judgments, and Mr. Donaldson was even able to wrangle moving assistance cash of $3000 out of them. And that after being told firmly by a bank representative I did not qualify. The lion not only lost his meal, he got a chunk bit off his tail to boot.


This has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride. It is a depressing matter to face the loss of a home as we have due to some unexpected, huge health care bills that initiated it. Mr. Donaldson stepped in as a Distressed Property Expert Realtor and together; we have defeated the Evil Empire of foreclosure. It’s a pleasure to recommend his services. 


Signed originals of the above testimonial can be seen in the home presentation file.


If you would like to benefit from the secrets obtained from open Battle with the Evil Empire, listen 1st to the recorded message available 24 hours a day at 800-379-5462. You can obtain a live advisor to answer your questions at any time. You can also gain access to the Rogue Base on line, at: end4close.com.


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? Whats with the doggie? Well, Miss Piggy is a rescue dog taken away from an abusive home by a veterinarian after he treated her for wounds in which she lost an eye. She is now a very happy doggie and I thought, a much prettier face than mine. She escaped her bad home… as will you, escape mortgage, stop foreclosure and smile:)